News; Why Women shout loudly with the sexual excitement

Published: Thursday 06 August, 2015

During sex, the wife always yells when reaches a certain degree of excitement, why?Will and his wife, character and other relevant again?Today to listen to the experts explain.During sex, the female usually let out a scream of different levels.This moan, men generally embrace with joy, and with the size of the sound as the judgment standards of female sexual arousal level.For this kind of sound public dislike that men are few.Indeed, prostitutes and deliberately yelling when sexual intercourse, exaggeration to show their sexual response.But this is just a kind of professional skills, it is not a real pleasure.Other women are totally different from prostitution, they can bark, entirely achieve orgasm caused by pleasure, is completely natural affection, the affair is not artificial.In terms of physiology, the women in the sex bark for two reasons.Because close to or achieve orgasm, oxygen levels in the blood will be reduced.At that time, women will be a slight oxygen deficit, and presents the eyes of god, blurred vision, body mild spasm and a series of so-called "orgasm symptoms".Reducing oxygen and carbon dioxide from the blood will be relatively increased, therefore, breathing is bound to speed up.To speed up breathing disorders, naturally sent out orgasm peculiar stuffy.The second reason is closer to the orgasm, the female brain "excited matter" will be increased accordingly.About this kind of substance "excited", people know about it is still very limited at present, but already know it can make people die paste consciousness, and inhibit the role of the brain.This role will dilute the female's reason, let out a scream of hard to imagine yourself.Some women to whether he had been sound, afterwards unexpectedly.During sex, therefore, is the sound of completely is a kind of spontaneous physiological phenomena, the moral quality and women there is no relationship.Had the men fear and doubt, can be reassured.
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