News; couple have sex can promote mental health

Published: Thursday 06 August, 2015

Reasonable and correct sex of husband and wife in addition to bring reproduction and physiological health, also has a great influence on people's psychological.Specific what other requirements?Let's see.Research shows that sex can stimulates the production of adrenaline, it can improve the transparency of the skin, make skin looks bright luster, people also looks even more beautiful, more spirit.Human sex research expert points out, many people said that sex life after they sleep better and more stable.This is because the body to release in the process of sex hormone can make people mentally relax, time for hours at a time.In addition, muscle tension during sexual excitement, sex after getting flabby, this process is clearly can relax the body, promote sleep.America, said Dr Sexology sex also have sex more beneficial health of body and mind of love, no love and sex partner the risk of severe disease much more than the former two thirds - 4/5.He suggested that foreplay sexual partners can increase the feelings of love and be loved, so might as well as caress of the fixed program of sex to complete.Marriage is both sexes on the biological basis of the combination of sociology and psychology.Marriage is a mark of success of love, is the overall expansion of relationship and deepen.Therefore, the husband and wife sex life sex mental focus.Sex is an important part of the life of husband and wife, it is also an important factor for harmonious relations of husband and wife.According to the relevant research reports, Poland enjoy high or very high satisfaction of woman, think their marriage is happiness and compare it accounted for 79%;Sexual satisfaction and lower women think their marriage is happiness and happiness is 36%.Husband and wife relationship is not only has the function of children, family is more important is to bring to meet, love, happiness, and promote the development of the personality.To this end, both sides of husband and wife should understand themselves and each other's sexual physiology, sexual and psychological characteristics, including the differences between male and female life, psychological preparation before sex, frequency of sexual intercourse and posture, wedding night sexual tension and fear, and many other aspects.Both sides of husband and wife should take the initiative to adjust and adapt to each other, development feelings, so as to promote physical and mental health and happiness of life.