News; How to prolong sex

Published: Tuesday 04 August, 2015

1, the reduced pressureUnder pressure, it is difficult to "glory, think about how you really feel about you brother.At the Mayo clinic researchers pointed out that stress is one of the main psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.Looking for specific ways to make your bed stamina increase before, honest look at their own stress levels.If work or family obligation to let you feel pressure, pressure is the best way to solve its own problems.Take a few minutes a day meditation to relieve anxiety, let you more efficient.2, eat less meatThe steak is a common man eating potatoes.But Yale a study reported in the medical journal is to tell you why vegetarian food can make you more lasting fighting force.Researchers will omnivorous men and men of vegetarian or partially vegetarian as a result of comparison, while vegetarian and half vegetarian group has more than half of the sedentary men, but in a series of endurance test, they win omnivorous group of men.One knee challenges, there are more than 35% of men in the omnivorous group can perform more than 353 knees, however in contrast group, 81% of men under the test results of more than 353.3, drink lessDrink to sex, but the past half a dozen beer may cloud that the rain has stopped.According to the Indian psychological magazine published a study that sexual dysfunction is common in alcohol dependence on men, 100 male alcoholics, 72% had one or more of the sexual dysfunction.The most common three types of sexual dysfunction, including premature ejaculation, low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.4, together with your partner to do kegel healthy muscle movementKegel exercises are not only for women, this simple and effective one form of training to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles allowing erectile hardness increase and improve ejaculation control.Used to stop micturition muscle release.Urinary care advice best results can be twice a day kegel training under 45 in each group.5, herbal therapyScience has proved the effect of some herbs do have an aphrodisiac.You can try red ginseng.Study of ginseng ginseng saponin can highly effective natural treatment for sexual dysfunction.Another kind of produced in the west African yohimbe, yohimbine of alkali to treat more than 70 men's and women's sexual problems.Studies have shown that this kind of tree alkali is especially effective for erectile dysfunction.If you want to join the herb auxiliary is used in the daily diet, consult the overall therapy therapist, determine the best solution.When you use these natural remedies, remember to be patient.Frustration will only add pressure to extend the working time.If you surely according to the method of training but has yet to achieve satisfied effect, consulting medical institutions to find other possible medical intervention.