News; Men sleep time less than 5 hours "Libido will reduce"

Published: Tuesday 04 August, 2015

At present our modern urban men, whether for business, family is very hard, but don't pay attention to your sleep.Actually otherwise, sleep time is important for a man.The journal of the American medical association reported that if men every night to sleep less than five hours a week, it's testosterone levels significantly lower than normal sleep with him.Testosterone deficiency and low energy, loss of libido, inattention, fatigue and other closely related, and it is the build muscle strength and bone marrow density plays a crucial role."Low testosterone levels and with decreased sense of well-being and vitality, this could be due to lack of sleep."Professor of medicine at eve, Kent said."With the progress of the research, and inadequate sleep quality is poor and the relationship between the endocrine disorder confirmed."In addition, less sleep will make a testosterone levels among young people aged 10 to 15 years.Research proves that only sleep 5 hours will make testosterone levels decreased in 10% to 10%, these people in their sleep restriction day afternoon, the lowest testosterone levels, at 2 PM to 10 PM, participants also self-reported their mood and energy levels, they reported that when testosterone levels drop now, their happiness is declining.Men so we should choose the right sleep time, don't stay up late, stay up late is of great harm to our health.Keep on early to bed and early to rise!
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