News; What kind of mentality should be maintained during sex

Published: Sunday 02 August, 2015

1, love doing at least once a weekAccording to the survey at least once a week life can make you away from disease and depressed mood.Seems to be a reproductive stimulus makes the immune system more effective, relieve headaches and treat acne, and slow the pain of everyday life.2, don't respond to not feel strangeErection, contrary to popular idea, not one can self control, so all the fatigue and pressure is the most common cause of have no reaction.Statistics show that every seven men (or more) 16 in about a year there will be at least four times the erectile problems.3, will be to minimize the distractions of sexOn the bed to watch TV recently was chosen for the greatest libido killer.The highlight of the TV screen flash obviously make you want to sleep, so that your sexual sensitivity is reduced, and can completely destroy your "sex" to a whole night.If you want to have better sex, then turn off the TV.4, improve your orgasmic potentialIn order to better orgasms, exercise your abdominal wall muscles.Also referred to as the PC (pubococcygeus muscle), is that you will be using when you urinate.You need to do is to separate these muscles.Only need to urinate, the mid-point for five times, and then relax.Once you find that kind of feeling, tightening and relax 20 times a day (on the table, on the bus, watching TV can be), and then gradually increase to 50 times.5, find out your g-spotThe elusive g-spot is not elusive if you know how to look for.Is sex to find, this time is the time when the g-spot will appear.Insert a finger into the vagina, move forward five centimeters, feel the front of the vaginal wall.When you feel a swollen tissue, see, that your G point in time.6, grasp your flesh sensitive areas of the bodyLust sensitive area - the body's resistance sensor - body again, not just in the genital region.If the caress of the appropriate place after foreplay, sex, and even make love when all I can give you the same thrill.7, often do health checkThere's nothing like abdominal pain, premenstrual pain, itching and mysterious secretions can ruin your sex life more.If you find anything to make you worry about the wrong place (or even a strange smell), it quickly to the doctor to check for, even if you're one hundred percent sure it's not a sexually transmitted disease.Eight, to measure your contraceptionWe all know that condoms are the only way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, but as the market constantly changing methods of birth control, you'd better know more about it.Even if you've ever tried to approach luck failed, to see what the new method is very worth it.9, change the missionary position (missionary position)Through when he lay between your legs, your legs straight and stepped up to improve the previous missionary position.