News; What factors lead to male infertility

Published: Sunday 02 August, 2015

Now, there is an upward trend in the number of male infertility, and the cause of infertility is varied.Some studies suggest that men appear less fine, weak sperm, the symptom such as dead sperm, bad living habits.What factors lead to male infertility?Long-term wear tight jeans: 1.Long-term wearing tight pants for male scrotum and testicles form bound, coupled with the jeans fabric air permeability is poor, local heat, causes the increase in temperature of the scrotum, reduces the formation of sperm and vitality.In addition, this kind of pants to hinder the testicles local blood circulation, especially bad for venous blood backflow, can result in testicular blood stasis and affect sperm production.2. Wash bath water temperature is too high:High temperature is sperm "Nemesis", sperm need low temperature, the process of growth or you will die.If a male friend often wash a hot bath, spa, sauna, water temperature is too high will reduce sperm count or deformity.3. The chemical pollution:Long-term in place by chemical pollution, such as new decoration housing, chemical production workshop, work, life, interior of some organic compounds can significantly reduce the male sperm, serious when even lead to infertility.4. The long-term smoking:The harmful composition in tobacco can through the circulation of the blood into the reproductive system, directly or indirectly, toxic effect, can have negative effects on semen indexes, especially the percentage and sperm morphology sperm forward movement.Because the nicotine in tobacco alkaloids, such as cadmium and smoking cause oxidative damage, increased sperm cell is easy to damage and repair ability for the combined action of many factors such as smoking man may also cause sperm aberration.5. Often dinner party:Successful men always have a lot of social parties, every social heavy drinking, eating spicy food.This two kinds of entrance of food will damage the hypothalamus, pituitary, gonad reproductive axis endocrine function, inhibition of mesenchymal cells synthetic testosterone, damage sperm production epithelium, testicular dysplasia, raw essence of obstacles, the direct causes of sperm morphology change.Alcohol can reduce testosterone and elevated follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, estradiol, make the semen volume, reduce the number of sperm, sperm decreased activity, etc.