News; woman stay young, can not lack of sex

Published: Friday 31 July, 2015

Happy family is inseparable from the sexual life, before many women worry that never protection measures can cause all sorts of gynecopathy, but in fact is not the case, experts say, normal, regular sex of department of gynaecology of far from the main culprit, but helps to keep the female reproductive system health.Women can't because of too much worries and fears of sex.Women don't health reasons may be lack of sex.Women keep their sex life, at least the following four aspects benefits:A is for pleasureNormal sex life can make people in high spirit, mood delectation, increased appetite, sleep is good, the psychological in a state of their mettle.During sex at the same time, his skin, the body surface by massage, more than double breathing and heartbeat, blood pressure rise by 1/3, can make the body get a from inner to outer in an exercise.The second is to prevent disease of department of gynaecologyGerman scholars study found that in the men's sperm have a kind of can be comparable to those of penicillin antibacterial substances, called semen plasmin, the experimental results show that the semen plasmin can kill pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus.Women with normal sexual life, due to the husband's sperm regularly discharged into the vagina, then gradually into the uterine cavity through the uterus, fallopian tubes and so on, can have the effect of disinfection sterilization, to prevent or reduce the occurrence of vaginitis, endometritis, tubal phlogistic.3 it is conducive to prevent genital atrophySex of normal women, and its organs due to being benign stimulation such as touching, extrusion, can maintain good physical condition.Four is conducive to longevityAccording to investigation statistics, the middle-aged widowed or single unmarried people, their lives than people in the family warm and normal sex life much shorter.A call in Russia Caucasus longevity village, her 137 - year - old female longevity, their sex life has been to more than 90 years old, so, women maintain normal sex life will be great help for health and longevity.Believe that a lot of female friends after saw this article, to the health of moderate sex life is conducive to the female reproductive system have a certain understanding.So women can open themselves appropriately when sex life.
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