News; Americans how to deal with sexual harassment ?

Published: Tuesday 28 July, 2015

The United States is a more open country, especially is open, but then how to face a variety of sexual harassment has become a difficult problem in the United States.According to the relevant provisions, in general, the first thing to prevent and respond to sexual harassment from work and school.At present in colleges and universities in the United States, before hiring new teachers and new employees, is to carry on the education - general is to send a staff handbook - inside detailed and clear rules ban any unwelcome heterosexual contact, etc.In some private colleges and universities - especially religious colleges and universities, but also new faculty members to pledge guarantee, etc.Such work units and institutions can clearly tell the employees, although the relationship between men and women belong to personal privacy, but at work or school, this relationship is not only a personal relationship, but design to public relations.Must work with individual private relations confused characters.In the event of sexual harassment, getting the harasser know that they or their absolute not helpless, or they can be reported, and actions expose or infringement of their or their people to protect themselves' protection of vulnerable groups is recognized throughout the United States social moral standards.And the United States advocates for counselling by sexual harassment, university in the United States, the psychological consultation is free.Set up dedicated staff to accept the sexual harassment victim's psychological counseling, to solve contradictions, punish accused staff and faculty.Encourage sexual harassment victims bravely.Of course, filed a lawsuit against sexual harassment victims need courage, time and energy, etc.Suggest that victims of harassment to take out the obvious evidence - such as audio and video evidence.To appropriate sex education for women workers, such as, women employees want to know, should not let the fear of situation foot and lead their settling;Due to reasons such as women shy will be difficult to open, sometimes, victims of sexual harassment of women don't want to talk openly about what you have to be sexual harassment, so it is necessary to education women employees aware of what is unwelcome sexual attempt and sexual behavior and so on, to learn to protect themselves.And male staff also must know these behaviors will give their reputation, career and family relationship risk and hurt.American universities also require women including female staff and students to self-esteem, self-respect, strengthen self-awareness, etc.Such as don't want to wear revealing clothes in summer, for his own manners to achieve self-discipline.Inside the church universities in the United States, there are rules in the relationships between teachers and students.Some university professor also stipulates if female students and members of the opposite sex to outside the room is a violation of school rules.In general, women should also promote their independence and dignity, especially sexual dignity.