News; The four new mode open sex sex prescription

Published: Thursday 07 August, 2014

Every day the same sex life? Everyone look forward to a perfect sex, sex this road continuously groping suits own sex mode, perfect sex actually is not as difficult to achieve, according to legend only slightly during sex and transformation by heart some sexual technique, can be achieved.
Today teach you a few action sexual technique, let you experience the new mode of sex.
1, pay attention to sexual foreplay
If men want to quickly enter the sex theme, it will make you feel disappointed, is still not fully wet vagina each other even want to insert, it will make women in this difficult to experience orgasm during sex, let alone the quality of sex.
Might as well tell your inner thoughts to each other, after he knew about sex again, such a sex life will be more live up to expectations. Perfect sex life is mutual, please reach orgasm together in mutual assistance, rather than their own satisfaction, but also meet each other.
2, good at using oral sex
The woman can sit on a pillow, men buried the head in women between my legs, repeatedly using the tip of the tongue to the female's clitoris stimulation, will this sex skills so that women have a pleasure. Want to win her, while now.
Female to male oral sex encounter penis, attention should be paid to avoid teeth during oral sex to have a purpose in the form of rowing machine. This would allow the male's penis in your mouth there is a full range of sucking, male obsession with oral sex only men know it himself.
3, love love mode in the early morning
A hard day at home no sex fun? Might as well use the morning time to dripping fun sex life. Suggested that the early morning love love choice over the weekend, the morning of the weekend you will particularly relaxed, and after a night's rest, body state is better, then sex must have quality will satisfy you.
4, flying phoenix sexual positions
This position is a female body lying down, men over women, and women's vagina just positive towards the male penis, men can take advantage of the penis vaginal stimulation vulvae, it makes women want more.
This kind of sexual intercourse posture is most people will use sexual intercourse posture, the position is more convenient male pumping, this way is the west called "god is watching type", this kind of posture can well meet the male desire.