News; Don't let the phone ringing ruined your sex

Published: Wednesday 16 July, 2014

Mr Zhang's sex life has been very good, but recently in erectile dysfunction accompanied by his wife. A month ago he and his wife during sex, suddenly interrupted by a rapid cell phone rings, pick up the phone, can't again erect; Rest after a period of time, during sex, although able to erection, but a slight sound will be weak, and in a short period of time is difficult to erect again. Actually, this kind of situation is not physical, but belongs to the typical psychological stress of erectile dysfunction, or ED good reason.
Normal sexual life, the people in the see, hear, smell, touch and hallucinations, under the stimulation of the brain central nervous system sends sexual impulse, after a series of nerve conduction, make into the increased blood flow to the penis, outflow of blood flow decreased, conveniently erect penis, but to maintain an erection from sexual impulse signal is still needed. When sex was suddenly broke into the phone, a knock at the door, children or family bedroom interrupted by such factors as sexual impulses from the brain center will is restrained, make penile erectile interrupt. If sex is often the interference of the external environment, will form a conditioned reflex, make the cerebral central function disorder, inhibition, eventually develop into penile erectile difficulties. Orgasm is suddenly interrupted when ejaculation, will cause the functional ejaculatory disorder.
For women, the negative effect is also exist, may lead to difficulties of female sex apathy, sexual arousal. This kind of sexual dysfunction caused by psychological stress, can by drugs, combined with sexy concentrated training method of sexual behavior, such as treatment. But the most important thing is, it is necessary to keep in sexual life not be disturbed.
How to ensure sexual life not be disturbed? First of all, reasonable arrangement of time, as far as possible children sleeping at night or home without being disturbed. Second, there is a quiet solitude of space is very important, the bedroom door should be able to the inside of the lock, phone the best shut down or muted. If the disturbance has occurred, the couple is to control your emotions, should not quarrel, blame, anxious. Should wait until around to quiet down, after actively regulate mood and try again.

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