News; The importance to the men's health with drink more warter

Published: Monday 27 July, 2015

Men often say "woman is made of water", but don't know what they are lack of water.In life, many men don't pay attention to supplement moisture, because work too busy, often forgot to drink water, the water in the body is not enough, so affected the healthy body, actually a male friend busy workplace struggle every day, in the face of life and work pressure, plus metabolism faster than women, therefore, should be more water.All cells in the human body need water, the water is form the main component of the human body;The circulation of the blood, digestive system, or other chemical effect on water is needed to complete.Water is both a human scavenger and patron saint, via the kidney, lung, intestine and skin every day such as loss of water for at least 900 ml.All human body metabolic activity is inseparable from the water.Therefore, water is the most basic material to sustain the health of the body.Water in the body, don't like sugar, fat is stored by the body, water intake and exhaust maintained a strict balance.In order to maintain water balance in the body and the body's normal health, must ensure that is consistent with the discharge of water per day or more.Otherwise, once the dehydration, metabolic product and waste can't normal discharge, blood circulation, temperature is not constant, all kinds of physiological activities in the body are not normal.Men prostatitis to prevent water more.More extra water micturition, high concentration of urine will produce some stimulation to the prostate, bad long-term adverse stimulation of the prostate.Water more can attenuant blood not only, still can effectively dilute the concentration of urine.Male friends in drinking water, it's best to drink cold water, because it can have mild stimulation on gastrointestinal, promote gastric contraction.If you don't adapt, lukewarm boiled water can also, but unfavorable drink hot water, because the hot boiling water to drink soon, don't flush the gastrointestinal function.Much water is very important for men's health, drinking water also want to pay attention, don't be too hot to drink water, and drink more water, it is of great help to health.
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