News; Four principles for sex

Published: Monday 27 July, 2015

Sexual health emphasizes sex to back to ancient Chinese tradition.When Chinese hot emphasizes harmony, sex is often ignored by us.In fact ancient Chinese sexology, holds a natural attitude on sex, neither too much nor depressed, balance and moderation, at the same time pay attention to preserve one's health.At enmity with strangersWhen one common, low carbon that sex and our respect for the traditional way of life, still need to be mentioned."To build trust first, and then wait for the right time to go to bed."Slow sexSlow sex attaches great importance to the process rather than the result.Slow sex after is full engagement, relaxed after the foreplay and romantic scene.As industrialization the shadow of the old life, before slowly and deeply.Sex spiritualityAccording to the sex of the spiritual essence, is not from constantly changing partners, or acquired from demanding to the sexual partners, but from their own spirituality of body and mind.Can often do yoga, meditation, or go to the mountain of cosco line.In this kind of spirituality, your body can become particularly sensitive, become extraordinarily energetic.In having sex with each other, you can have a kind of spiritual self, which can help sex burning.Quality over quantityA deep sexual pleasure, can is worth 1000 times meaningless sex.Low carbon that sex, with the tireless pursuit of sex, as there are some high quality sex.Repeat boring sex, is a waste of resources.