News; Why can't sync to orgasm during sexual

Published: Sunday 26 July, 2015

Man there is a lot of questions about orgasm, every time having sex, men always reach orgasm quickly, but women may is far away from the high tide, how can the woman in the sex and men together to reach orgasm?A. Every time make love, the man always reach orgasm quickly, the woman about to reach orgasm together?Both the male and the female common experience orgasm is a one of the few lucky, but also it is difficult to learn, it has to do with the body's natural physiological reaction, men are born than women easily excited, easy to reach orgasm, also easy to fade.Women tend to be more slow, orgasm is slow, too slow.Try to interval weeks don't intercourse, hug, kiss, all can do, just don't further, so that your male can slowly learn to regulate ejaculation impulses.If he felt very excited, almost can't help, you should immediately pull the penis in your vagina.As to how can grasp the opportunity, need a bit of experience, if do bad, yet not too eager, again after a period of time, a complete experience is much more natural.2. No orgasm may still be pregnant?Orgasm during no may still be pregnant, just a pure body reaction, climax, with rhythm, the uterus and vagina will twitch, you'll double your blood pressure, pulse and heart will beat faster, some women can feel inside the vagina faculties reaction, but every woman experience orgasm don't feel the same.Orgasm is not the point of the love of the flesh, the experience of women must go through a long period of time, just know how to reach orgasm.If the sex without contraception situations, the body and have the very mature eggs waiting for the sperm to combine, that women may be pregnant, please not have sex without contraception.3. Before ejaculation, always out of some liquid first, it is a prelude to orgasm?The outflow of liquid by the penis is a prelude to the male orgasm, usually before ejaculation outflow, so called "flow".This kind of liquid and semen, milky white semen, and "flow" is a clear and transparent liquid, however, had contained within the essence of "flow" sperm, should avoid to touch to the finger, and it has a "flow" with fingers inserted into the vagina, this may lead to unwanted pregnancies.4. Men because orgasm to ejaculation, or in the ejaculation orgasm?Man's orgasm and ejaculation is a process of two different, but most of the produce at the same time, when he reach orgasm, reproductive organs organ, such as: seminal vesicle, linked to seminal vesicle, urethra and penis will have regular twitches, will be at this moment the sperm from the urethra to rapidly, door open, urine door shut, so semen and urine wouldn't mix.Men also have the so-called "climax" dry, climax, also has the regularity of twitch, but there is no sperm.In general, energetic young people is not easy to control, on the contrary, young people are higher rates of premature ejaculation, that is to say, before he entered the female's vagina, will have orgasm ejaculation.5. Determine when male orgasm?Men, only when an orgasm ejaculation ejaculation, will lower body muscle spasm type of shrinkage, will at the same time the sperm from the testes after urethra, flashed from the front.From a physiological standpoint, if with your eyes open, her husband will find into the climax especially charming wife's reaction.Because the endocrine and the change of blood flow, make women glow appears on the cheeks, the skin becomes glossy and elastic, looks very charming.
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