News; In vitro ejaculation will bring 4 kinds of hazards

Published: Friday 24 July, 2015

According to the statistical research, in Asia, abortion is accounted for a large proportion of the world.Part of the reason is that people lack of reliable contraception cognition and understanding.According to an online survey, in a variety of contraception, withdrawal method is second!Is there are a lot of people are using this way to birth control.However, in vitro ejaculation is of great harm to men and women!1, easy to cause a man's sexual debilityMan in the whole process of sexual life,, their sexual response is under control in the cerebral cortex.Sexual intercourse in the mental and physical stimulation, can cause a series of changes, and highly excited and can make the mental tension, a racing heartbeat, increased blood pressure, etc.At the same time, the reproductive organs of penile vascular congestion and muscle contraction and move up.If interrupt intercourse, at this time of great side not feeling, will inevitably impact on adverse psychological, over time, prone to sexual debility, cause premature ejaculation, impotence, etc. 2, easy cause functional without ejaculationSex is a process of enjoy, is also a highly excited "marathon run".Man and woman sexual intercourse is usually very hard.In the men's sexual intercourse, sexual excitement in the climax, before ejaculation the penis erect, hard, so when forced to suspend the sexual intercourse, draw out the penis, can make the function of the department of the central nervous and waist roll ejaculation central barriers, time grew, and prone functionality without ejaculation.3, easy to cause discordNormal moderate and harmonious sex life can promotes the feeling of husband and wife, but in vitro ejaculation the unscientific methods often cause the gap between husband and wife.Once a wife so while pregnant, the man often think not the small semen (withdrawal before a small area of the overflow) into the vaginal contraceptive failure, instead, as the wife was having an affair and infidelity behavior, the resulting corner, cause family misfortune.And forced interrupt intercourse, the woman not fully satisfy repressed sexual psychology, to fuck off, also give couples emotional overshadowed.Small make up guess you like: what's the difference between men and women watch porn women privates size of the secret4, easy to make a woman produces frigidityThe so-called "perfect harmony" is the meaning, if the unilateral satisfied with yourself, will lose out the beauty of sex.During sex, when the man to orgasm, the woman often do not have sexual satisfaction at this time, if the man forced sexual intercourse terminates at this time, in vitro ejaculation, in the long run, will lead to female frigidity.It seems that withdrawal is insufficient to take, if want to birth control or use scientific methods of birth control as well.