News; Determine the libido with 10 main reasons

Published: Friday 24 July, 2015

Introduction: decided to ten individual character to aspects of sexuality strength mainly1, in the sense of stimulationBy means of visual, taste, hearing, smell, touch, such as feeling, can arouse men's and women's nervous excitement, and sexual arousal.2, past experience and social experienceIn the past happy sexual experience and social experience, sexually aroused more easily;On the other hand, is more difficult to arouse sexual desire.3, genetic factors,The strength of the sexual desire may be influenced by genetic factors.4, hormone levelsMale hormones affect sexual desire, the largest if male hormones in the body on the low side, no matter men or women, sexual desire will decline.5, recovery time after sexA lot of people after the sexual climax, need some time to arouse another sexual desire, and the length of this period of time also vary from person to person.6, environmental factorsSuch as the atmosphere of the environment, temperature, season, diet, with or without taking drugs, etc.7, cultural influenceEthical, legal, etc to the person's binding.8, mental state,Such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, pain, discomfort, and confusion.9, age factorIn general, men at the age of 18 to 25, sexual desire the most high, while women at the age of 35-40 sexual desire the most high.But with the increase of age, the reduce of male hormones, unresponsive, skin organ in poor circulation of the blood and life pressure make people loss of libido.10, the health situationOnly a healthy body can maintain normal sexual desire.Such as suffering from diseases (such as endocrine diseases, diseases of reproductive organs and other debilitating diseases), are big enough to make sexual desire.
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