News; 5 physiological point of penis should to know

Published: Tuesday 21 July, 2015

Penis health, men are always the most concerned about a topic, the following is about the safety of the penis five physiological point, you should know:Physiological point 1: there are a lot of people at the time of erection, the penis is a little bent, and degree also vary from person to person, some will be upward bending down, some will be left or right, this is definitely not what power or strange disease, just don't cause uncomfortable or obstruct your sexual activity is normal.Physiological point 2: men often what criteria are used to measure their masculinity?Muscle, strength, or the length of the penis?The penis are actually Oriental, after erection and will be about 10 to 15 cm.Sexual performance associated with the length of the penis is not actually, the so-called "short bar", some look very magnificent, but the original, so be sure to keep in mind "not short of the road, do not show off your long".Physiological point 3: sperm production time need about 90 to 116 days, 72 hours and can survive in the vagina or cervix.Physiological point 4: the penis is mostly caused by sponge, coated with a layer of skin, when sexual excitement, the sponge will be congestion, make the penis hardens, longer and thicker, for sex, this is the so-called "erection".Physiological point 5: for some men, can quite longer would be their coveted goal, some people will to compare with stand the length of time, is too long can not enjoy, because the penis too long without it fade, not only will make you the pleasure of sex, also can make you feel miserable.Injections of drugs for the treatment of impotence or for leukemia can cause this situation.