News; What are some of the male menopause symptoms

Published: Tuesday 21 July, 2015

Research found that 40 to seventy - year - old man will appear now male menopause symptoms, its main reason is that men of male hormones in the body to reduce, if the following mentioned symptoms, then you have to observe whether he had already entered menopause, and should pay attention to the maintenance work, targeted to reduce the time of the body is unwell.Male menopause symptoms? What are those?First, appear slack phenomenon, itching of the skin.Skin will be less and become more relaxed and accompanied by itching feeling, this is because the metabolism of male, functional disorder that caused due to the usual eating habits, eat much, but very little movement very close relationship, you can pay more attention on food, eat some seaweed, kelp, etc to promote the body's metabolism.Second, endocrine disorders.Because male menopause male hormones will gradually reduce, cause the endocrine disorder symptoms, the main performance is: memory loss, fatigue, dizziness, such as palpitate to appear such circumstance need not too nervous, just make sure has plenty of sleep and increased physical exercise every day, can be improved.Third, the symptoms of urinary system.Many male menopause appear dysuria, nocturia increased, because male hormone reduced and lead to the emergence of hyperplasia of prostate.At this time, should pay attention to light diet, avoid spicy stimulation, if there is a serious condition, should be timely medical treatment.Fourth, the sexual life quality.Because the shortage of the male hormone, and lead to loss of libido and sexual intercourse time shorter, at this time can eat some nuts food, sesame, shrimp and so on to improve.