News; In 2013, sexology newly discovered 10 of the facts

Published: Monday 20 July, 2015

Sex, as a science, there are many unknown facts.Recently, the British sexologist, sadie cayman in his new book, "369 allows you to the fact that" sex "creature", summarizes the sexology newly discovered in 2013, we select some to share with you.Sexual activity 1. At least 100 million times a day around the world, that is to say, in this moment you reading the newspaper, the global 65000 couples is sex.2. Researchers at the university of California found that help men do housework than men who don't do household chores, can get 50% more sex.3. If men no longer have sexual life, then his penis size will be shortened.4. The semen contains rich protein, and can help skin crease resistant anti-aging, but can also cause skin irritation.5. Men hang a testicle than another, it can guarantee the men walk, no collisions occur two testicles.6. In all countries, the greeks have sex most times, 87% of people having sex once a week.7. Two condoms do not wear will be better able to ensure safety, on the contrary, because of friction, it will increase the risk of condom breakage.8. Men prefer women plump breasts, slim waist and generous hips, "it's not because lewd, but such a woman's fertility is strong, is a man's evolution.9.60% of people prefer closed lamp having sex, sexual orgasm more easily in the dark.10. According to the report, the female in one hour to reach orgasm many times to 134 times;While men only 16 times

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