News; Three bad thing douse the sexual desire

Published: Wednesday 06 August, 2014

A man's desire is easy to ignite, but a woman's sex flame is very slow. Reality life, very not easy both passion, but suddenly doused by details. As a result, men's efforts were in vain, women also does not experience happiness.
In the move out of the three pieces of unsightly "bad", everyone must take oh!
The first bad thing: forced sex
Sex is lovers participation of two people, things, now don't pay attention to man "authoritarian", women can also act as sponsors and leading role of the sex life. This positive courtship is worth advocating, to note, however, can not be forced, forced the other sex.
Whoever demands of sex, have to follow the common wishes. If you can't respect the partner's basic rights, other sex manners are all talk. What's more, by force or half-hearted manner, not only can reduce the quality of the whole process of sex, also has been a partner, to cause each other's inner shadow.
The bad thing: no response
Sex is not a silent film, it needs to be lovers to give each other, mutual response. Men especially like to listen to a woman's call bed sound, this is a great deal of encouragement, and women also like to listen to a talk gently, without too many useless talk, a "you're moving, you make my face".
In the process of sex couples to think of each other. If your physical strength not line, can consider replacement of sexual intercourse posture, let him feel your love and caring. After the end of may as well give each other a hug and say sweet words, even if women didn't climax in the process, will also feel very sweet.
In addition, the end of sex to be fully communication and exchanges, such conducing to rectify the mistake in each other behavior, fill a hole in its sex; And, can according to the needs of both sexual content expansion and innovation. Want to know, fun sex can be more happy, more joy. If always sex in a way, the passion and happiness will be less and less.
The third bad thing: no secret
Sex is the privacy, between lovers can not preach it out. No matter the stand or fall of sex, trumpeting outside is not respect to partners, for sex. Respect is also important elements of the sex life, if lost it, so sex, there is no love, only the flesh of anger.
Also, don't criticize your partner, no one is perfect, everyone has faults, since the choice together, everything will tolerate each other. Besides, sex is for happiness rather than criticism, even if difficult to solve to regain its completion.
Blindly criticism will only make you more and more distant.