News; Fast recovery Psychogenic impotence method

Published: Sunday 19 July, 2015

Rapid rehabilitation measures:
1. The psychological counselingThe first choice for the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.Because the spirit of the cause impotence has a variety of psychological factors, everyone environment, experience, mental state and character is different, have different response to the same spirit and social psychological factors.General adverse mental will not cause impotence, but the individual difference is very big, some people in the process of growth and development, the influence of family and society, the sex will be considered improper behavior.To make clear patients, normal sex life can adjust people's mental state, is a physiological phenomenon.Allow patients to relieve worries, put down the burden, establish the belief, reduce anxiety, is beneficial to the treatment of impotence.2. Physical exerciseIn real life, impotence patients to actively take part in some sports, on the one hand can improve the strength state, enhance self-confidence, on the other hand, through enhanced physique, also can increase sexual desire and erectile function, especially the knowledge workers, the effect will be more obvious.About sports, of course, a lot of projects to choose, choose a suitable exercise and enjoy yourself, is your freedom.With each other to share fun times, etc.3. Build up relationship coordinationBecause some patients families have problems or marital relationship, the ideological burden is overweight, or of the woman is not ideal, mistrust, lack of sexy basis, will produce psychological disorders and impotence., this kind of patients should be advised to eliminate obstacles, in the case of mutual understanding, cooperation and patience both sides of husband and wife intimate cooperation, jointly maintain a temper.4. Knowledge of sex, and the right attitude towards sexAs men and women age, organ in mature, will produce sexual desire, this is normal physiology phenomenon.Man is born, the occurrence of sexual desire, forming the vigorous there is a physiological process.Should explain to the patient, should enhance confidence, clarifying the nature of the functional impotence and psychotherapy, patients understand and cooperate with, tell patients pay attention to the mental rehabilitation of daily life, increase physical exercise.These undoubtedly very beneficial in patients with impotence.5. Psychological hintImagine several times in fast and good to the process of ejaculation occurred after twitched sharply, thought should include invite partners to join, focus on their arousal and body feeling, if anxiety is your partner to stop you, but if all goes well, insist on her continued stimulus.This imagined that although only takes a few seconds, but it is very helpful impotence rehabilitation.6. Diet aftercarePsychogenic impotence, can also be XunQu diet aftercare treatment to help, to do some adjustments on diet and nutrition to achieve therapeutic purposes.7. Encourage myselfSelf encouragement conversation practice, that means frustration or failure in practice, find a quiet place to encouraging their conversation, to restore their self-confidence.

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