News; Happy sex helps to relief

Published: Thursday 16 July, 2015

Happy couple life can ease the burden and pressure to the life, also have a certain effect on the prevention of sub-health.Especially after the busy work, couples can warmth of war to a bed.Tired off instantly.Lazy in the morningThe period was the best moment at the top of sex.Expert analysis: the morning is the time when men's and women's sexual desire the "fit".After a night's rest, men and women of sex hormone secretion in the body, sexual desire is strong.Especially for men, the penis will often appear "morning deterioration" in the morning, after getting sexual stimulation, erectile more hard and durable, can let a man more confident in terms of sex, but also can more easily.On Saturday nightAfter a full day of rest, partner's body recovered.23% of readers choose sex on Saturday night.Expert analysis: nine to five couples are trapped in the busy work and from Monday to Friday but also have no time to stop to enjoy two people of the world.Therefore, the couples should make full use of the weekend, "concentration" husband and wife life.Plenty of time in the weekend, energetic, couples can change pattern, change the place and posture, more foreplay, will let you aftertaste endless.The night of the stormOutside the window of the rhythm of the storm and the occasional thunder just can make a reference for the ferocity of sex.Best to close the lights.Ignore the visual and tactile will become sensitive.Expert analysis: wet weather, people tend to produce more affectionate desires, feelings will be more close to each other.Overstimulating sex, however, not everyone fit, sex, when the thunderstorm weather suddenly write you, that would have horrified, and even cause male ED, to your cloth.At noon timeLunch break or leisure time on Sunday afternoon, noon sexual experience always memorable.After kissing, all let nature take its course.Expert analysis: 2-4 o 'clock in the afternoon, is a man to the opposite sex is the most attention in the daytime.The study also found that in Italy in the afternoon, the male sperm quality is higher, sperm movement speed, are more likely to be pregnant.Sex at noon time shoulds not be too long, it is best to "sex", the overall time control in 20 minutes.In addition, if you want to sex in the afternoon, noon had better not eat too full.Before workThere is nothing in the morning before the meeting of the "fast food type" sex fascinating.Women wear short skirt convenient sex, to save time.Expert analysis: before starting work on a carefree sex can help reduce stress, refreshing, increase self-confidence, but must be rested before sex, sex foreplay can omit appropriately, but also set aside enough time, so as not to always worry about work.