News; Sex decompression, couples both love decompression method

Published: Tuesday 28 July, 2015

Relief has been are urban men and women can not make way of life, however, urban men and women often is repressed by the fast pace of life.Urban men and women have been in a passive state, in the aspect of sex is also holding a form of going through the motions of the process, to outwit their partners.Hope today is introduced, 7 days a week every day different methods of sex decompression for urban men and women play a part.Monday: decompression sexThis day was the day of pressure rise, husband and wife can use sex decompression.An hour after dinner, when you finally come from static rather in the busy, might as well to massage each other, from the temples, neck, shoulders, hips and thighs.Before long, you will desire to make further exploration.Tuesday: a quick victoryBusy on Tuesday, can first prefaced his speech with a romantic, soulful kiss, let love melt, relax in your passion.Wednesday: improviseAfter watching TV, don't rush back to the bedroom, can kiss on the sofa, with each other "moves".Thursday: lazy loveIn bed, hold and sleep are can slide along the partner's body with his fingers, stay in the hips and thighs, and easy to enjoy this wonderful moment.Friday: can't waitA week has in the past, you can be more aggressive than usual.As well as eating out, once fierce kiss your lover as soon as I get home.Saturday: passion in the bathroomIn such a leisurely life, don't misses a chance to take mandarin duck bath.On Sunday, spent the whole morning in bedMen can use sweet words to open the lover's heart and body, touch her every inch of the skin, the place that rarely kiss kiss before.The day's sex doesn't have to pursue, but to fully enjoy the sweet half a day.