News; Follow three principles during sexual

Published: Tuesday 14 July, 2015

According to expert investigation, women to orgasm, must abide by the following three principles.First, the right attitude towards his own genitals. Easy to orgasm women are talking about, they have a correct understanding on their genitals, know how to take care of it well, and can be delighted to play its special role.And the woman who is not easy to achieve orgasm, by contrast, they hated their own organs, or ashamed of it, so when quietly and pleasure from these organs, they're not happy to accept it, but the uncertainty to reject it. Clearly, even blocked the original pleasure, how can you to orgasm pole development?Second, will find pleasure in sexual life as the only purpose. In an interview with sex experts, those women are said to have an orgasm easily, the purpose of sexual activity is to have fun, and can take initiative, passionate attitude, also dare to request a spouse to match.This was not the case and some women, in their sexual activities at the same time, the heart also in turn what else idea. For instance, some women suspected her husband was having an affair, he want to use this opportunity to observe him without exception;Some women trying to please her husband, and therefore are very pay attention to her husband's response;And women are very concerned about the conception and watch her husband whether ejaculation. Whether belong to that kind of situation, they all focus on the others, not to all peopleSex, it's no wonder that they are difficult to orgasm.Third, in bed, all other things aside. Woman who is easy to reach orgasm said: "as soon as I go to bed I can throw all the unhappiness to, wanted to sexual pleasure, so I feel at ease, excitement, enjoy the whole body, finally reached orgasm." if we can do like the woman self consciously relax, adjust the mood to the best state, that is, of course, the better, but for most women, they do it right away, also seems to have some difficulty, but at least they should be know, worry, anxiety, anger, heart such as extraneous bad mood can distract sexual pleasure, dilute the experience of sexual pleasure.Understand this truth, try to create a good state of mind. You probably can't do again after having sex in the decision effectively to relax myself, but it can relax yourself before you seek sexual contact. You may not create a good mood, but it can be done to avoid unpleasant.
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