News; Don't want to have sex, because of sex cleanliness?

Published: Tuesday 14 July, 2015

A lot of people in life have cleanliness, but for clothing and environment cleanliness is probably a good thing, can keep clean and tidy, but for "sex" have cleanliness, it is not a good thing.Sexual cleanliness is a common disorder in sexual life, refers to the couples think each organ is very "dirty" and showed not actively cooperate with state.So it is easy to cause partner low sexual desire, to a harmonious and intimate contact.So, what is sex cleanliness?1, the physical cleanlinessFirst refers to his own flesh, especially for reproductive organs and their physiological phenomena with scientific attitude, or think they are ugly, or feel that they are dirty.The most common is women believe that their blood is dirty, thought menstruation is very ugly.Some women get married for decades, but can never let her husband to have seen their menstrual, let alone a menstrual blood, how serious is the cleanliness and persistent.As for heterosexual physical and physiological phenomena, the female cleanliness, although less, but dislike of male genitalia, secretions and smell also relatively common, more serious.2, behavior cleanlinessFirst refers to the subjective to some women divided into good and bad about their sexual behavior, modesty and loose, and then on the basis of limit themselves, even with the most beloved people together, and only those who are "good" behavior, disgust and it is impossible to make those "bad" behavior.Also, they will hate many of male behavior.Sincerely express sex even men, they also feel ugly, dirty, and unacceptable, and even offend..3, mental cleanlinessRefers to some women is strictly bound himself, not his thinking about sexuality, are not allowed to produce sexual desire, or they will think you ugly soul, even blame yourself for moral degeneration.They seek no sexual content of pure love, don't even want to get married.This, in turn, women also think almost every man is very ugly, because they always think of, express and looking for sex.
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