News; What is sexual repression

Published: Monday 13 July, 2015

Introduction to theSexual repression, also called sexual hunger "refers to the people for their sexual desire of restriction and control.Show is in a period of internal control and distributing the frequency of sex, attention to move on to other things, from the desire to the opposite sex and sexual behavior is desperate to but because of various reasons can't close to the opposite sex or sexual behavior of a kind of psychological and physical state.performanceFrequency as a dream of spring, lifeless, always complain, irritable, or sad, the depth of frustration and sorrow sorrow unhappy, picky, difficult to please, attention not centralized, addicted to fantasy, etcharmThe motherland medicine thinks, abstinence for a long time, can cause "blood YuZu, jin alongwith", which can be "weak don't".The result of the long-term abstinence will make its lost sexual function.Because abstinence destroyed the balance of Yin and Yang, inhibited sexual instinct, human body gathered sexual desire is not released, it will bring to people's mental and physical harm.1, sexual scientific studies have shown that the dangers of sexual repression is very serious, long-term no sexual repression, to give to the person's physiological and psychological development and the work will produce negative influence learning well, until the damage to the psychosomatic health.2, somatic symptoms.When repressed sexual desire to the subconscious, there will be a temporary pain experience will disappear, but then can appear insomnia, nightmare, dizziness, inattentive neurologic disorders, gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other symptoms.Over time, normal people can produce low sexual desire (see female low sexual desire, male libido) or impotence and other sexual dysfunction.Patients with impotence, has occurred due to the sexual desire have to suppress cannot be achieved, the physical and mental symptoms worse.3, easy to increased morbidity, easy to aging and early death.The deeper the emotion, the greater the impact.4, a lover in a setback of love, there will be a worry, anxiety, suspicion, sadness, disgust, such as bad mood, is a kind of "love syndrome" may occur, show the love of god malaise, limb weakness, don't want to eat, severe cases can palpitation, flustered, chest tightness.5, in clinical psychological counseling outpatient service of medical record, the result of the marital problems or sexual life does not meet the relationship of contradiction and psychological conflict, can appear all sorts of neurosis symptoms, Chinese medicine called phenomena, such as sleep disorder, neurasthenia, anxiety, depression, etc.In addition, sexual repression can lead to sexual perversion, voyeurism, pedophilia, etc.