News; Sexual health after a human mature, opened with a lifetime, some

Published: Friday 10 July, 2015

Sexual health after a human mature, opened with a lifetime, some people think that the elderly should not be to sex, it is not the caseIs just a series of problems as the growth of the age of sexual function, and cause sex cannot coordinate.So how should the elderly healthy sex?In order to let the elderly have a better, safer sex, recently, the United States the sexologists walked into a person of extraordinary powers curtilage in queens, New York, specifically for the old people in the hall of sex education.Sexual health when teacher monica, bathing woman to her students, more than 40 on over 70 vaginal dryness, the use of the "viagra", a student of his stick down to the floor, another students appear a little fidget in a medical check.Then, bin samford took the condom demonstration of what kind of safe sex.At that time, a 70 - year - old woman Shouting: "good, light touch!"Suddenly, the room broke into laughter.Despite the popularity of "viagra" and the change of women's sexual attitudes, many old people no longer believe that sex is "indecent" thing to do.But due to their lack of knowledge, and complications are increasingly serious.Organization announcement noam Sherman said: "safe sex, need to live and learn."So, they launched this year old human nature education classroom.Bing samford, says ms sex after interruption for many years, many old men met can't continue to intercourse problem;When widowed lady to start a new relationship, sexual desire is also dropped a lot.Bing samford said, she noticed that the old gay phenomenon is increasingly serious, more and more old people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, such as New York's Bronx a 82 - year - old woman is unfortunately met such a thing.Sexual health on senile education, sexology expert told the old people: heart disease, diabetes and medication problems such as how to cause sexual dysfunction;Lose vitality of uterus how to make the male insert difficulties;Vaginal dryness how to increase the risk of STDS, etc.Bing samford model show the female reproductive system, while explained: "now, I want to tell you, I will use the 'penis' and' vagina 'these two words, they are anatomy terms, hope you can habits."Then, bin samford picked up lubricant, said: "you can buy this sort of thing in the drugstore. For a while I finished the class, I'm afraid you will struggle to buy condoms."89 - year - old widow Bella Cohen joked: "oh, buy some more."Then she added asked 1: "a condom during sex only use?"Bing samford smiled and replied: "if you want to use in other places, the class we can talk for a while." The idea in the elderly in China, "sex" was off, once the old people show interest in sex, it is easy to be regarded as "abnormal" or "abnormal".On sex issues, they exist more myth than americans: one, is old, will inevitably occur sexual dysfunction, but also cure.Second, the bad living habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol will not affect sexual health.Third, after the sexual dysfunction, to protect the "privacy", to find a way to solve.Fourth, taking sexual health care products, aphrodisiac to maintain and improve sexual function.So, how to carry out safety life?1. Try to avoid losing sexual habits, especially after a period of time of abstinence, due to illness should be timely recovery.(2) to stimulate both sides of the genitals, way can stimulate themselves or stimulate each other, until the sexual intercourse.But can't ask the man of ejaculation and orgasm.3. Once appear the phenomenon of sexual intercourse with any difficulty or pain or disease, should be timely medical treatment, seeking solutions.