News; Man will excited with the unfashionable sexual knowledge

Published: Friday 10 July, 2015

1. The fat man in bed longerGuys, don't lose weight, eat more a hamburger: Turkey the researchers conducted a year-long study found that in the male body mass index and the link between sexual ability.They found that let you by surprise: the weight heavier man can achieve the average time was 7.3 minutes (438 seconds), and lanky man only 108 seconds.This article published in the journal nature, it is pointed out that (because) weight heavier men estradiol on the high side, this resistance male hormone secretion, delay climax.2. Oral sex to treat pregnant women morning sicknessA scholarly study proposes a might give some would-be mothers to accept morning sickness treatment, semen (treatment)., state university of New York, Albany campus psychologist Gordon Gallup said frequently "contact" child father semen for pregnant women early morning sickness phenomenon is lighter.Gallup is competition of human reproduction and behavior expert, he offered to pregnant women is sick, vomiting, because their bodies are alienating alien strange sperm genetic material.In order to let the body balance (no morning sickness), homologous sperm swallowing this theory can eliminate vomiting.Dads a popular theory has not been confirmed.3. Sex to treat have a headacheIf you think a headache when you can't have sex is a mistake, have a headache disease treatment expert Vincent Martin said the doctor.Surprisingly, the opposite is true.Martin, sex brain serotonin levels can relieve headaches, (but) you know, having sex doesn't solve all the medicine of the headaches, or how many people to be late for work every day.However, the treatment of speed is faster than taking ibuprofen or aspirin, perhaps this headache new therapies are soon...Well, many people used to "cure".As reference, a British doctor found that sex can help in the treatment of migraines.Genital each excitement will stop the pain.The limits of the female orgasm can even bear pain increased by 70%.
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