News; A few tips to improve sexual ability

Published: Thursday 09 July, 2015

A man's sexual ability should be how to improve?Small make up for you to collect several of the best ways to improve sexual ability, give you a reference.Good sex is an important symbol of man, in fact, everyday a few small changes can help improve sexual function for men.Recently, the us "men's health" web site published stories made a guide for men.Eat dark chocolate, dark chocolate contains material helps to dilate blood vessels, thus to enhance sexual function.Studies have found that eating 45 grams of dark chocolate, can let the male erectile better.Check the drugs: some medicines to treat hypertension, depression may reduce sexual function, if you meet this kind of problem, want to consult your doctor promptly, to adjust.Not only by visual meditation exercise: libido, also cannot leave the touch, smell, taste, and other aspects of the stimulus, and anxious can reduce sensory function.Take a few minutes a day practicing calmly, can help you to relieve psychological pressure, reduce the secretion of adrenaline, contribute to the recovery of function.Belly fat, "" belly fat will affect the secretion of testosterone, let the male sexual desire is reduced, research has shown that obese people lose weight 1 kg, sexual performance can be significantly improved.Treatment of snoring, "all organs of the body to be enough oxygen to maintain normal operation, the penis is no exception.Snoring can lead to oxygen in the body, and then affect the erectile function.If there is a snoring problem, suggestion choice high pillow.Severe problems need to go to a doctor for treatment.Dark fruit: dark fruits are rich in anthocyanins, which is a potent antioxidant that helps to male reproductive health.This kind of fruit including blueberries, grapes, and the purple cabbage vegetables, etc.Practice one form: a British study found that exercise the pelvic floor muscles, which is often do anal action, can greatly improve the ability to control the male sex.Action is very simple, in your spare time, shrink the anus, and then relax, for 10 seconds at a time, long natural effect, in.Determined to quit smoking: smoking can damage blood vessels, let men double risk of erectile dysfunction.However, if men can in quitting smoking before the age of 50, that this kind of sexual dysfunction due to smoking can recover faster.
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