News; Reduce orgasm time difference between the two sides of four skil

Published: Wednesday 06 August, 2014

Women born than male human excited to slow, which creates a man and female orgasm out of sync, men think that is the end of the event after ejaculation, little imagine, at this time of female orgasm is running on the road was a man of ejaculation.
Try the following to shorten the orgasm time difference method, may be helpful to you.
1, in advance to his body "warming up"
Now that the female sexual excitement to the slower than men, so women can try to give your body before sex to sexual stimulation, or use the female orgasm enhancer to increase the pleasure of sex. Treat their body preheating completed when the male sex, and increased the chance of orgasm together.
2, convex point of condoms
Now on the market have a convex point of condom, the condom will help strengthen the man's penis to female vagina friction, in order to increase the pleasure, lead the women to orgasm quickly. Such a condom is to deal with female sexual excitement to the slower than male designed this characteristic. At the same time use the female orgasm gel helps the female orgasm, accelerate the orgasm, thus bridging the "high tidal range".
3, eliminate the knot
Some women of her body is not very satisfied, in the process of sex is also afraid of the other party notice oneself body defect. During sex, a man obsessed with sex stimulated, can notice so much about it, which requires women to lay down their concerns in the heart, make a commitment to sex, the more help to reach orgasm.
4, to concentrate having sex
Sex of distraction is a big killer cannot reach orgasm. Part of married women in husband asked the bedroom use sex as a routine, sex female head may be in in the process of thinking about tomorrow want to hand in the electricity and water, heating, the child's homework have to counselling and so on, the heart isn't in the bedroom, women have sexual excitement to is much more slowly than men, so that is more difficult to achieve orgasm.