News; what consequences if the sex does not meet

Published: Wednesday 08 July, 2015

British sexologist, according to a survey released by the latest sex are not being met, fewer sex, more easy to lose his temper, this performance is more outstanding in men.Researchers from 387 to 30 to 45 years old husband and wife as the research object, and recorded their in six months the number of sex, sexual satisfaction, lost his temper (including anger, sulking, boredom, etc.), common diseases, and by wearing type equipment to collect their heart condition, the results found that there is close relationship between sex and temper times, sex, the more satisfied, the less bad feelings.In addition, sex less men are more prone to erectile problems, female sex, less prone to headaches, depression and inflammation of department of gynaecology.To this, the expert analysis, sex is a normal physiological needs, can promote the release of the sex hormones (mostly male hormones), alleviate the pressure of the body and mind.If sexual desire not satisfied, male hormones in the body is not released, or distracted rashness, something, rising love to stir up the pretext of some small quarrel, let off steam.Or unhappy, even when you are sad.At the same time, during sexual excitement, sex organs will congestion, if not satisfied, a physiological reaction will be blocked interrupts, leading to some physical disease.
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