News; what is in the man sperm ?

Published: Wednesday 08 July, 2015

Semen is male gonads and attached organ in the secretion of milk white or pale yellow, with special smell liquid, through the reproductive urinary tract when ejaculation, semen is composed of sperm and seminal plasma, in which sperm accounted for about 5%, the rest of seminal plasma.The sperm of male reproductive cells, seminal plasma has transport sperm, provide sperm nutrition, activate sperm, and so on.Sperm is produced by the testicles.Per milliliter of semen sperm count is in commonly 60 million to 200 million.Have accounted for more than 60% of the total number of sperm activity, sperm deformity below 10% of the total.Sperm activity at room temperature for 3-4 hours.Seminal plasma is a mixture of male sex gland secretion attached, mainly from the seminal vesicle and prostate gland.60% of them from the seminal vesicle gland, 30% from the prostate, 10% from the epididymis and vas deferens pot belly, bulbourethral glands and urethral gland.With after ejaculation ejaculation, semen need to the coagulation and gelation, liquefaction and a series of physical and chemical reaction, make the semen is liquid and seminal plasma in addition to containing water, fructose, protein and fat, also contain a variety of enzymes and inorganic salt, prostaglandins, and some enzymes, and these are the sperm of nutrients.Semen is means in the assessment of male fertility.Have accessibility: (1) understand the ejaculation process according to the normal order, ejaculation, in turn, check the prostate, epididymis and ampulla changes of biochemical component with a large number of sperm and seminal vesicle and ejaculatory dysfunction.(2) the man's semen infertility and unexplained check: increased lactate dehydrogenase release sperm, often in infertility;Arginine can enhance the sperm vitality;Mi sample protein enzymes weaken sperm vitality;Zinc concentration are important role in the fertility.(3) for the identification of male reproductive defects: male genital tract have blocked any part, all can affect sperm discharge, such as sperm after semen solidify, fructose low or no fructose, pH less than 6.7, volume reduction are shows no seminal vesicle secretion.And as semen liquefaction, citrate or acidic phosphatase decreased, lack of prostatic fluid, can be caused by inflammation or prostate tube obstruction.Semen volume increase, prostatic hypertrophy or cancer of the prostate.High zinc and fructose in seminal vesicle secretion excessive, adverse to the sperm vitality.(4) on the endocrine function assessment: the change of the seminal plasma biochemical components can also be caused by the change of male hormones in the human body, such as testicular dysgenesis can cause androgen deficiency, and results in the decrease of fructose concentration.(5) provide health information: its composition and quantitative evaluation of the physical and chemical analysis, can determine testicular function and disease state, in accordance with this to determine the level of reproductive and health.

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