News; The methods preservation of life after the marriage

Published: Tuesday 07 July, 2015

After marriage, occasionally also need to be like before marriage, a good marriage, from time to time to make some surprise, can let married life more harmonious.Specific how should do?1, buy things for each other, need it to be just a lot of people think of each other, send gifts to each other in a while might actually be careful machine, like Mr Wife send a cleaner (purpose is to he more), it is better to send him like cameras, game consoles close, because your gift expressed "I love you, but more importantly, I understand you!"Overconfidence is really not easy to please each other, but also because of go hand in hand together so long but worth the effort.2, everyone has his temper, usually in the marriage of husband and wife are you strong I am weak, or is my strong you weak, but it is best to take turns, don't every time "I said", "I'm right.Different with foreign people, to the other half is a kind of love, playing."Husband, can come out to see movies is not easy, this time I'm with you see the" iron man 3 ", the next time out on a date you will accompany me to see love comedy."3, use eye contact is the best helper in the communication, if be to busy to have no time to look at each other, and the other hand, this kind of excuse to listen to the sad, we would not like to a child.So put down the phone and hand, to understand what has happened to him.Very depressed, skip the cooking, called pizza nest on the sofa watching movie together.4, husband and wife life for a long time, always quarrel because of some things, but the heaviest if to calm down, after more than watching counter-trend reaction, together to the neighborhood park, green sit open to talk again.Nature has healing effect, broad heaven and earth, a wisp of cool breeze, a few sound DiaoTi, help out anger, stable mood.Absorb more oxygen in the outdoor also can let the mind more clearly.
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