News; what skills do the women like with sexual

Published: Thursday 02 July, 2015

Healthy sex is can keep youth on a regular basis.Then the husband and wife sex women like what skills?A few years old sex good?Healthy sex can keep youth, have a regular sex life show that you and your partner have been in love with each other.What, then, husband and wife sex women like skills?A few years old sex good?With the opening up of the concept of modern people, a lot of people are not hide in their sex lives, but to talk about.As a man naturally want to show their abilities in front of women, especially in the aspect of sex, man has always played a dominant role, while women only enjoy, but some women just don't fit, so let men confidence to sweep the floor.Master the sexual technique to make a woman scream for you.Playing hard to getWith her temperature lead you, not with your desire fire burn down at her.This should be the next you use any technique.proteanDon't always remains the same after dinner before going to bed to do those things, but also is fixed on the bed!This woman will because there is no fresh and stimulating distractions, cannot make the bed, of course, the consequences of not call bed is your orgasm is very difficult to achieve.Change the place, such as the floor, such as the car.Change the time, such as weekend morning or warm afternoon sunshine.In addition, the ancients believed that a best bedroom began to age: male 22 years old, female 20 years old.The ancient zhang think sex to male 22 years old, female 20 years old;Hold good family good time of traditional Chinese medicine not only advocate marry at a mature age, and advocates the late childbirth, think premature birth, female JingXie will be a lot of damage, can lead to a decline of vital qi in the body.Later pregnancy will also be adverse to the fetal health and development.Male baby aged 24 to 28 years old, female reproductive age in the 21st - 28 years old, men and women in reproductive age best female 28 to 30, 28-32.Pay attention to health of sexual intercourse.
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