News; Recommended five sexual technique

Published: Wednesday 01 July, 2015

The female superior is easier to a climaxWomen in the position, that is, we often say that the woman on top.This kind of posture, can let a female decision point of view, to grasp the speed of fast.And this kind of posture, still can be decided by women is through the clitoris and g-spot stimulation, to achieve orgasm.If you want to the former, women can lean forward, back bends, and close to their partner's penis.Try to left and right lateral movement to friction G point.Orgasm, a dream for many women.Just think, if you can orgasm, which women do not love?Supine position more touchingNo a sex, is not touching.But a quick victory of lingering, absolute can let a woman in that moment, loudly shout out.Women can lie on your back on the table, limbs, the man standing in the front.This pose Angle and strength of movement can in the shortest time, let the heat.The rapid expansion of enthusiasm, absolutely let a woman melt in the moment.But the only drawback is that men are too because of stimulation, and difficult to control orgasms.We are enjoying this wonderful feeling, men also should pay attention to control a climax.Missionary, more durableTraditional pose another name, is a missionary.Missionary, is very popular, there are still some reasons.This position, is the favorite of Chinese men and women.And this position can make both sides continue to tongue kiss, touch and look at each other, enrich the emotional communication with each other.In order to change the monotony of the traditional posture, a man can change point of view, women might as well turn the buttocks.In fact, the traditional posture, with slight change, can achieve the effect of different, experience the wonderful feeling.But the premise is that change is reasonable, in the can control range.Junior type more excitingWant further stimulus, want pleasure doubled, absolute don't miss this posture.Most men are like last in type.It can stimulate the depths of the women, and men can easily touch each other's body, can make double pleasure.At this point, however, men should pay attention to, so as not to hurt her.At the same time, also to note that not all women like last in type.So, in such positions, and the consent of the woman, to make sex more perfect.Extend the time longerNo position, is like this, the unity of spirit meat can make us feel wonderful feeling.Premature ejaculation, impotence, when these words with us, even the sex seem not to force.And this kind of posture, the liberation of the majority of men.Due to the movement range is small, can prolong sexual climax, very suitable for impotence premature ejaculation man easily.Moreover, this kind of posture, because it is face to face, is more advantageous to both sides of husband and wife whispered in the ear, enjoy the same spirit and flesh.
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