News; sex Physiological experience of orgasm

Published: Tuesday 30 June, 2015

Both the researchers and women themselves acknowledge orgasm is the dual experience of physiology and psychology.Orgasm coming after a few seconds, the vagina, uterus, in areas such as the anus sphincter began not independently intermittent contraction.Vaginal contractions is usually considered a fundamental characteristics of the female orgasm.Intervals of 1 ~ 2 seconds, the clock, shrink again.But the disparity in the contraction frequency and intensity of different women, contraction frequency and strength mainly depends on the duration of orgasm and pelvic muscle strength.Masters and Johnson thinks that in the process of sexual high tide, women more excited, pelvic area contraction, the more the longer the duration.Two professors will climax is divided into three levels: "shallow high tide", vaginal contraction of three to five times, each time for 2.4 to 4.0 seconds;"Moderate orgasm," vaginal contractions four to eight times, each time for 4.0 to 6.4 seconds;"Deep orgasm," vaginal contractions 8 to 12 times, each time for 4.0 to 9.6 seconds, highlight the entire process up to 2 minutes.Vaginal area tic hot, legs trembling.Feel whole body muscle tension, after been strained, as if suddenly release between his legs Let out a pentium spewing current, along the spine straight at the brain, began to trance.At that time I can't breathe, can't open your eyes, the world becomes colorful.Then I feel dazzling light, there is a beauty of vertigo Wonderful taste, body after extreme relax, become fresh again.However, some researchers say that did not find the intensity of orgasm and connection between vaginal contractions.Moreover, part of the women surveyed said they during orgasm No vaginal contraction, this may be due to their vaginal contractions too slight, so there is no notice.