News; There're so many knowledge in kissing

Published: Monday 29 June, 2015

A kiss can be set for lifeKiss, is the love express intimacy simple actions, but the seemingly insignificant little affectations, but contains a lot of interesting scientific knowledge.Seattle in the United States, people set up the "kissing school", by "kiss experts" teach people to recognize the kissing, better use."Life times" reporter recently interviewed the founder of "kissing school", the United States education grew Emily pat, kiss teach readers better.Kissing, you need to learnDespite the world's most couples kissing skills are self-taught or self-taught, but kissing sexologist had agreed that require specialized learning.The American writer, sex education at eu, grey cloth, dew in her book "how to kiss", said: "through the study, every time you kiss will kiss into his (her) heart."The reporter understands, this unique kissing school was founded in 1998, now has 1800 people graduate from here.Each couple tuition at around $475, each teaching are small classes, class a dozen couples on average.Here, the kiss is a complex knowledge, including the popular science knowledge and practice, etc.Plays soft music in the classroom, in the beginning, the students each other hug and dance, and then kiss the forehead head, face, lips, finally affectionate kiss.Teacher told the students with a calm voice from time to time for each step of the point.Students are mostly lovers or couples.Many learners and learning to let them closer.About the kissFinch Emily bird told reporters: "for thousands of years, people's exploration to kiss has never stopped, anthropologists and biologists have found that a lot of the science of kissing, in school we will to teach learners about these."While kissing, 34 muscles will work at the same time, some control lips, some control of the tongue.Secondly, kiss, nose plays an important role.With a kiss, before and after the two sides not only look, also share the smell.Human olfactory mucosa tissue has hormone receptors, they help to figure out whether the other side of the opposite sex "suits own that one".Again, a proboscipedia to set for life.Psychologist Gordon Gallup, according to a study published in the kiss, there are 5 of cranial nerve from the lips, tongue and nose to give information to the brain, and then by the brain information processing, to make a couple a proboscipedia to confirm the future development direction: toward marriage or divorce.In the end, most people while kissing her head tilted to the right.Freud believed the baby sucking is the direct origin of kissing.A study published in the journal nature shows that most people while kissing her head tilted to the right.This phenomenon may be due to the 80% of mothers used to breastfeeding the baby on the left side.How to kiss better performanceIf you want to make their kiss more, the reader can follow the following tips.Take a deep breath.Some people hold their breath when kissing, so we can not continue to arouse the enthusiasm, also can't long kiss.To deep breathing, find out and your partner synchronizing breathing rhythm, feeling two people in the same space and time.Keep eye contact.Don't always eyes closed, to establish a visual connection, can bring energy to the two men.Time to set some kisses.Tell the other half as often as possible, what would you like to kiss and he (she), and going to bed every morning is a good time to kiss.