News; Women often eat prophylactic have great harm to the body

Published: Friday 26 June, 2015

In love the men and women to avoid sentient beings ourselves, present impulse could be deadly.When the pill became a savior, but contraception to great harm to the female body, most can eat a few times a year?Birth control pills is to be able to slow release of estrogen and progesterone, preventing ovarian oviposit to achieve the purpose of contraception.Although it is simple and convenient method, but can't rely too much on, otherwise it will produce certain harm to the body.Due to the drug can affect the body's hormone levels, so no more than three times a year, between can only be used once a month.Rely too much on the side effects of the pillUnderstand the pill don't more than a few times a month, can come to see the side effects of relying on the pill1, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness: occurs when the began to take medicine, appear this kind of reaction time, on the one hand, to drink strong tea, some chewing sugar ginger, pickle.Must adhere to take medicine by the regulation on the other hand, along with the human body to a drug, reaction will gradually disappear.Individual women's reaction is strong, can take the following appropriate response inhibition of drugs: vitamin B6, 20 milligrams at a time, three times a day;Vitamin C, o0 1 mg per second, three times a day;Resistance reaction, 1 tablet each time, 3 times a day;Compound aluminum hydroxide or yeast, 1 g each time, 1 times a day, and serve with birth control pills.2, vaginal intermittent bleeding: leakage often occurs after take birth control pills, generally as long as the medicine on time to continue, stop bleeding, menstrual period will be normal.Doctors, of course, also can adjust the drug, also can take other birth control pills, such as clothing ? pill bleeding, can convert 1 pill.3, breast tenderness, generally can be reduced, if serious should consider to stop drug, to choose other birth control measures.4, increased leucorrhea, thin, often occurs after take long-acting contraception, usually without treatment, if leukorrhagia, can be put in the vagina every night one of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) check with pills.After discontinuation of browns happened 5, facial spots: generally will gradually disappear, if B vitamins, vitamin C, the effect is better.6, weight increase too fast: if there is edema, should be adapted to use diuretics and low salt food;If weight increased obviously, should stop to switch to other methods., seven months after less, even amenorrhea: this kind of circumstance have little impact to health of body, is often temporary.If three consecutive months of amenorrhea, medication should be suspended, other contraceptive measures, such as menstrual medicine back to continue.1 months after drug withdrawal is still not come menstruation, doctors should according to the inspection situation, adopt megestrol, compound progesterone or push the pieces and drug, then should be to switch to other birth control pills.