News; How to improve the quality of sexual

Published: Friday 26 June, 2015

Various factors affecting the between husband and wife sex life, according to the survey, many times after sex have a one-time life more satisfying.How to improve quality of sexual between husband and wife?According to the survey, the study found in married people, the two sides, especially the wife, on average, two sex, sexual content, one only accounted for 1.2%;On average, three times sex, sexual content, one of only 20.6%, most people claim, several times in one more satisfying sex, is very good.Pursuit of sex couples harmony, justifiably, but both sides of the characteristics and difference is objective existence.As her husband's sexual excitement comes quickly, go, about 2 ~ 6 minutes normally, can reach orgasm and ejaculation, quickly fade;Wife is excited slower, usually about 10 ~ 30 minutes.But last time longer, also slowly fade.Her husband's sexuality are mainly concentrated on the genitals, and his wife's sexual performance not only on the genitals, but also from the language, touch, hug, kiss, etc.To make sex couples harmony, before entering the bedroom, known as the sexual knew must first learn to induce, mainly in order to improve both sexual excitement, it needs time, about 1/3 to 1/2 of the whole process, to shorten the difference between the two.Husband should give more touching or using language such as sexual stimulation, his wife also should take the initiative positive attitude, and then use each other's love the light and color, to create a unique atmosphere, this is poetic than to turn off the lights after dark, and has a hazy mystery, especially to the husband more visual stimulation and libido.In the bedroom, want to consider for each other more, especially her husband, for the sake of his wife, the more if too strong sexual impulse, want to take a deep breath and other methods to appropriate inhibition.Wife should fully understand its impulse, cooperate actively.After sex, if the wife has yet to reach orgasm, can caress her husband wait for means to compensate, satisfied to his wife.For the unsatisfactory sex, shall be deemed to be normal, encourage and comfort each other, build up confidence.Suspicion of avoid by all means, complain or blame each other, in case of hurt feelings, affect sexual life quality improved.
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