News; Character determines quality of sex

Published: Thursday 25 June, 2015

Sex life not harmonious, many people first think of the learning skills, and people will blame each other.In fact, character flaws, and the subconscious influence sex.For "not good" personality, efforts to perfect his personality, is one of the best "lubricant" sex.Selfishness, learn to communicateThe most common situation is some spoiled as a child, always self-centered, so the ability of a lack of understanding others, tend to be demanding in the sex life each other, in the event of conflict, not communicate with each other calmly, active concession and compromise, will only bickering and blame each other.Because now more and more only children, that may become a common problem.For this kind of personality, it is difficult to learn tolerance and communication, in a short period of time, therefore, to start with understanding each other in daily life, the opportunity to speak to each other, learn to listen to, communication at any time during sex, can have a good sex life.Personality repression - bold talkSome people grew up in the depression of family or social environment, psychological full of grey color.If unsatisfactory sex, they will feel hurt, so often treated aggressively in terms of sex, all your unhappy and uncomfortable, all blame each other or with indifference to maintain self-esteem.As a result, some of the best sex idea tell it, free psychological imbalance, reach satisfaction of both parties.When it is necessary to see the psychological doctor, character for the treatment of depression.Insecurity, expand the trustDue to have encountered all sorts of setbacks in life, some people also lacks enough sense of security in the sex life.Although the desire for sex, but often paranoid, lack of mutual trust, afraid of a "third party" andwho.Then, during sex also not easy to input, rather suspicious, sex life have a good or bad, there is reason to doubt.This situation occur in women more, maximum trust for each other, is a guarantee to live a temper, her husband to give some support.
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