News; Some ways of sex very hurt the body

Published: Thursday 25 June, 2015

Every couple want to enjoy the most wonderful thing in the sex, but some of the wrong positions, not a correct concept of sex and didn't realize the small details, can affect health.Especially the following 5 kinds of way, must be avoided.1. Deliberately extended time.Most men always want to take various methods to delay ejaculation time, but maybe it did not shoot will lead to excessive pelvic congestion, increase the burden of the nervous system and, on the one hand, make male libido, erectile dysfunction induced;On the other hand, easy to cause the reproductive system infection, such as chronic prostatitis.What's more, may cause sperm "through the back door," retrograde ejaculation, i.e. semen into the bladder, then with urine in vitro, which affect fertility.2. Continuous sex.After sex for the first time, the male penis excitability is reduced, if ask my penis erection, immediately predisposes to autonomic nerve function disorder, cause prostate congestion, expansion of relaxation of the gland, prostate health hazard.Lost too much may also reduce the anterior pituitary function, increase testicular burden, accelerated aging men.Continue to secondary sex also makes female pelvic congestion for a long time, even it 4 ~ 6 hours to subside.Over time it's easy to have a lower abdomen pain belly, and even dysmenorrhoea, etc.3. No safety measures.Semen contains a large number of proteins, including dozens of specific antigen.If the woman is allergic constitution, knew no security measures tend to induce a series of allergic reactions, such as a sudden chest tightness, vaginal burning sensation, casual inclusions, etc.Sometimes, the man in front of the sex take some drugs (such as penicillin, etc.) or eat some food, such as peanuts, etc.), allergies can also cause women.More important, even if husband and wife, also not understand each other's genitals with certain viruses, bacteria, whether using unsafe sex is likely to be buried the seeds of dangerous to health.4. Lack of foreplay.Degree of women's sexual desire to produce a slow, weak, sexual excitement to appear later.Therefore, if lack of sex foreplay, is hardly touched the woman, the man can also lead to affiliated gonad liquid secretion insufficiency, no lubrication.Action on rudely cut in while also easy to incur the woman dislike or cause pain.General sexual foreplay in about 15 minutes advisable.5. The position is not suitable.In sexual position is not appropriate, lead to too much on one side of the stressful, is likely to cause back pain, and even cause pelvic and hip muscle spasms, and erectile function or dysfunctional ejaculation.Especially the obese, body flexibility and flexibility is poorer, more problems.Therefore, heavier side as far as possible below, if both husband and wife the weight heavier, can consider to side.
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