News; why the man urination difficulty after the sex

Published: Wednesday 24 June, 2015

Men in life will always encounter all sorts of problems, such as dysuria, urinary line bifurcate after ejaculation, so these are going on, need treatment?Dysuria after ejaculationIn the outpatient service, often encounter some men consulting the "symptoms".In fact, this is not a disease.When having sex or after masturbation, erection of fading is not instantaneous, which has two stages.For the first phase of the penis fast return, the penis lost about 50% of the hardness of height.Reply the second phase is the penis Withers softly state, this period length according to the age difference, some may continue for a long time.After that, the bladder sphincter is gradually relaxed, the prostate hyperemia and dissipated, posterior urethral was open, bit by bit micturition instauration normal, therefore appear dysuria after ejaculation is normal.Urine line bifurcateSuffered from prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, and even when prostate cancer is often associated with symptoms of urinary line bifurcate, it has to do and urethral opening adhesion.But not as long as a urine line bifurcate is disease., for example, in the state of penile erectile or half erect, urination urine line is the state of the bifurcation, this is because an erection or half erect, prostate is congestion, full bilge, exists on the posterior urethral pressure, posterior urethral is nervous, before the urethra is relaxed and expansion.Urine in the urethra flow faster, in former urethral relatively slow, is formed when leaving the urethral mouth so diffuse.The perineum numbSedentary can cause many kinds of diseases, the most close ties with male urological belongs to the prostate disease.But is not the perineal discomfort caused by prolonged sitting is prostatitis.The perineum is a sensitive area, when the sedentary cause poor blood supply, will cause lack of oxygen of nerve endings, paralysis, the area under the jurisdiction of the dominated and muscle, ligament is command "failure".Therefore, as long as the continuous take no more than 20 minutes, the perineal discomfort will reduce a lot of.On the other hand, if not sedentary cause perineal discomfort, you need to see a doctor.

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