News; Married couples contraceptive most easily into the erroneous zon

Published: Wednesday 24 June, 2015

Now more and more couples accidentally became pregnant with the baby, it is beyond the scope of his plan, so to make abortion decision, hurt his own body.Unwanted pregnancy must be sex often have a lot of birth control error, lead to contraceptive failure.Myth 1, the rhythm is very safeThe truth: "calculate safety period" and "essence of withdrawal," often called "the name of natural family planning, sounds good, but in fact can achieve the effect of.To know women's ovulation date is influenced by many factors, is not as accurate as clocks and watches, while men often before ejaculation action started already have sperm into the female's vagina, so goofs off pregnant chance, this method can also be safe?Preferably to abandon it.Erroneous zone 2, occasionally not dangerousTruth: sometimes fate is so unfair, some people want to have a baby may not get hard, some people once in a while a "encounter" could blossom, so, don't have any luck, healthy sperm and egg meet at the right time and place once means a new life was born, and if there will be more can lead to very dangerous abnormal pregnancy ectopic pregnancy, birth deformities, visible every time we can not ignore oh!Myth 3, menses is safety periodThe truth: many people think that won't get pregnant women in the menstrual cycle, this is not scientific, and more importantly, in menstrual period because the uterus in vasospasm, hematoma formation, endometrial tissue necrosis, stripped of the state, therefore when excessive "sex" is easy to cause the occurrence of secondary infection, hemorrhage, and so on and so forth, so out of love and caring for women, please avoid sex during this period.Myth, the condom barrier that relationshipTruth: condom now is not the same, not only do they become comfortable, lightweight, breathable, even with the gorgeous color, fragrant smell, set some spice, contraception, maintenance and other multi-function, and it also can cut off a lot of each other through sexual intercourse between the sexes and infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, etc.Myth 5, intrauterine contraceptive device damage the uterusTruth: intrauterine contraceptive device belongs to long-acting contraceptive methods, it is placed in the reproductive and women with normal menstrual cycle in the uterine cavity, attached to the endometrium with keep a fertilized egg transport so as to achieve the purpose of birth control, because it often is in a state of activity, so as long as be placed properly, regular check, it not only won't hurt the body, some active intrauterine contraceptive device for endometrial and even certain protective effect.Myth 6, birth control pills affect future babyThe truth: short-acting contraceptives high efficiency, low toxicity, high reliability, because generally is a compound containing female progestational hormone drugs, a few days after stop using drugs and their metabolites are mostly to the in vitro release, so the body has returned to normal breeding ability, just in order to achieve the best state of body and mind, recommend that women want baby according to the manual or follow the doctor's advice stop using contraceptives again after a period of time to choose pregnancy leisurely.
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