News; Six related to sexual interesting facts

Published: Tuesday 16 June, 2015

Here are some interesting facts about sex.1. Most spouses have similar DNA.Several studies have found that people tend to with those in the age, race, religion, economic income, education background, social class, the respect such as growth and similar to their own people who married.Recently, "proceedings of the national academy of sciences at the university of Colorado a new study involving 825 americans found that in a mate, people tend to have similar genes with yourself., head of the new study, said Dr Benjamin Domingo DNA similarity comparison results show that compared with single participants randomly matched, married participants with spouses DNA similarity is higher.2. Watching romantic comedies can strengthen the relationship.Marriage and family binghamton university, in New York, said Dr Matthew Johnson, director of the research lab watching movies is a key to a happy marriage.He found in the study, the husband and wife together to accept marriage family counseling or romantic comedy movies together, and discuss completed movie together about it, insist on three years later, the two strategies can reduce the divorce rate in half, but compared with accept the marriage and family counseling, the couple to watch comedy movies to reduce 50% of the time, it takes the whole process and almost never leave home.The key point is that "reviews" can promote the communication between husband and wife.3. A woman can "sexy voice," man cannot do.Madeleine albright, 2014 associate professor of psychology at the university of Susan hughes finished, a new study shows that women can easily become more sexy voice, men can't do this.Women voice sexy secret: lower tone, make sound low soft slow some.4. Sexual excitement reduce disgust.The university of groningen in the Netherlands, a new study found that sexual activity can produce a variety of body fluids and smell, but the passion in the process, people often turn a blind eye to this, will not affect sexual interest.The researchers had a group of volunteers were women watch porn movies, sports video respectively, train video, let them after a series of unpleasant things, such as "drink a cup of tea" fall into the flying insects, etc.) and observe the response.It was found that saw erotic movie disgust the lightest were women.Scientists analysis pointed out that the mechanism is that sexual excitement "over" "disgust" reaction mechanism of the human body itself.5. Sex is good for bone health.Osteoporosis international magazine published at the university of California, Los Angeles, medical professor Alan kara, granite, completed a new study has found that Dr Men marry good bone health, better get married "bones" after 25 years old.Its specific mechanism is unclear, but the researchers said that marriage is more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle, more regular and healthy diet, for example, found that diseases treatment and so on.Studies also show that marriage is good for prolong life, overcome cancer and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.6. The old man can keep passion.Sex and sexual function does as gradually decreased with the increase of age, but this does not mean the end of the old man sex.In fact, the old man sex can still be quite active.The study found that a lot of the old man can do "where there is life, there is more than sex.However, studies have found that, because do not have to worry about pregnancy, the elderly usually don't use condoms, lead to sexually transmitted disease problem is increasingly serious, it need to cause a lot of attention.