News; Women how to care for pussy

Published: Tuesday 16 June, 2015

Case: I have two years menopause, recently I found that your vagina is very dry, unsatisfied with your sex every time.Check to the hospital, the doctor advised me to oral low-dose estrogen preparations, and let me vaginal drug use 7 ~ 10 days.I'm worried about the long-term oral estrogen can have adverse reactions.Vaginal dryness must be lack of estrogen, please?The expert answers:Postmenopausal women, because of ovarian function decline or disappear, the sex hormone levels in the body will be significantly reduced, thinning of the vaginal mucosa is shrinking, and therefore often vaginal dryness.You have menopause for two years, if the doctor check, did not find other diseases, should be caused by a lack of estrogen vaginal dryness.But should pay attention to is that a lack of vitamin B2 can also lead to vaginal dryness, especially young and middle-aged women.A lack of vitamin B2, people body cavity mucosa in the tao will appear problem, cause mucosal lesions, cause mucosal cell metabolism disorder.Specific performance is mucous membrane thinning, mucosa damage, broken capillaries.Vitamin B2 is lack of typical symptoms of vaginal wall dry, vaginal mucosa hyperemia, dyke break, etc.In addition, patients also can appear angular stomatitis, glossitis, oral ulcer, the nasal mucous membrane dry, dry skin desquamation and other symptoms.Expert action, 20 to 40 years old women could start from these aspects, protect the vagina:A, 20 - year - old woman: enjoy fresh love, I want to zero infection!1, 3 cups a day freshly squeezed juice, enhance vagina immunity2, choose the size of a condom, alleviate vaginal frictionTwenty or thirty years old female: improve the metabolic ability, I want to zero pressure!1, 3 minutes turnip squat, 360 ° exercise private place2, meditation, appease endocrine temperThree, 40 years old women: adjust the glands, I want to zero aging!1, to eat the lubrication for you, feel to sexFor a woman over 40, to enhance the moisture of the vagina, simply use the topical lubricant can not fundamentally solve the problem, and easy to produce dependence.This time, eat the right food is the most effective method.Must eat more beans, peanuts, corn, beans, kidney beans the belt leather grain, because it contains rich vitamin B2, can actively participate in the metabolism of cell growth and function, help regulate glands, protect mucous membrane cells, so as to increase water content of privacy.The best cooking methods to which a few kinds of food is the fish in clean water after wait to join the Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, salt and other spices, cooked.So most complete nutrition, best effect.Exercise 2, 50 seconds flat, also V beltIrregular menstruation, sex less, let the vagina muscle function is reduced, resulting in elasticity is lacking.So, through effective movement to restore vitality vagina muscles is focus at this time.You can try this: lie on your back with your knees bent upward flexion, knees together, at the same time of tighten buttocks contraction, urethra, vagina in order to achieve the purpose of the movement at the same time.Each tightening action for several seconds and then relax with best, every day more than 30 times, after 3 months, you'll find that change.In addition, proper physical exercise will also increase your energy.