News; Must not be less Security measures during sex

Published: Tuesday 09 June, 2015

Is being in love the men period, don't forget to enjoy the perfect sex of security measures at the same time.Semen contains a large number of proteins, including dozens of specific antigen.Male sperm antigen of substances, react with female genital tract secretions, produce corresponding anti sperm antibody.Combination of antigen and antibody, induce semen allergies.If the woman is allergic constitution, knew no security measures tend to induce a series of allergic reactions, such as a sudden chest tightness, vaginal burning sensation, casual inclusions, etc.Sometimes, the man in front of the sex take some drugs (such as penicillin, etc.) or eat some food, such as peanuts, etc.), allergies can also cause women.More importantly, for unmarried partner, no security measures it may lead to unwanted pregnancies and bring unnecessary trouble on both sides.Even if husband and wife, also not understand each other's genitals with certain viruses, bacteria, whether using unsafe sex is likely to be buried the seeds of dangerous to health.The penis skin wrinkles, sweat is secreted exuberant, scalability is big, not easy to clean.And perineal permeability is poor, if there is no good cleaning habits, male perineum form a health dead Angle, as bacteria breeding sites, such as not only brings to the male genital diseases, will let your sexual partner to be victims of gynecopathy., therefore, should pay attention to personal hygiene during sex, sex before carefully cleaning the genitals, sex when take the necessary security measures, not only can clean the body, increase the sexual life satisfaction, and can also be the advancement of vaginal blood circulation, treatment of prevention and treatment of diseases such as hypogonadism play a role.