News; Four kinds of way in orgasm

Published: Wednesday 06 August, 2014

Perfect sex doesn't necessarily always have landslide sea split the climax of the pleasure, and sometimes the temptation of gentle tenderness or enchanting spectacular also can bring each other colorful love memory.
Sex life as long as we can use to belong to own skills make sex luster, sex might be better.
The hazy wearing
Flowers in the dream, hazy sex and how much the existence of evil spirit be puzzled. Like a dream of spring beautiful, women on the dress if can give a such fantastic temptation, men must never regrets.
Create a "fog" of white, warm white sheet, white mosquito nets, a white robe, fluffy, at night, very has the feeling of wandering. Exposure to some of the men do not necessarily to be useful, and this kind of dreamy package, with elegant, instead of stimulating the enthusiasm of their aesthetic.
Good wear wrap hip pack
Men are all visual animals may not be, but women's extreme temptation, most of the men or just can't hold it. If a woman can only wear a long wrapped hip household T-shirt, and below is almost not to wear. Such a household, comfortable, warm and upper body, lower body freedom, sweet let I touched, freedom is "he". Such a couplet of dressed than what type of pajamas are nice, just right, is also appropriate.
Dressed in his clothes
Many women think a man's body has a unique aroma, in fact this is not a fragrance, but male animal peculiar smell. But anyway, you feeling I wish things sometimes charm is boundless. When you wear his clothes and his love, this kind of behavior to a man's feeling is that you are his, he was able to conquer all your people.
Not only that, even before having sex, a Mr Dress beauties, that the appearance of the loom is also a man can not support!
Lubrication like clothes
During sex, men like women curvaceous figure, women prefer soft water of the skin. A lot of foreplay is not take off a silk pajamas, the slippery feeling, will be more inspired men desire to "catch". Not to take off is a kind of attitude, however, silky feeling is a kind of hint. Men have the urge hydrophilic, in essence, is to smooth the be fond of.