News; Visual effects on sexual excitement

Published: Tuesday 09 June, 2015

Vision is to choose the main perceptions of the opposite sex.In selective targets and sexual activity, visual effect is obvious.Therefore, eyes had important position in the sex.Eyes can vividly, can feel love from his eyes and sex appeal.Women's sexy and signs, mainly embodied in eyes big eye, lip plump, breast and hips plump.Men's sexy and signs, mainly embodied in strapping well-balanced, powerful muscle fullness, jiongjiongweishen eyes.Sexy signs is an important stimulus in sexual activity, but it is done through visual stimulation.A us to respond to sexual stimulation experiment indicates that the part of the male to female body attention vary from person to person, some people are sensitive to uplift the breast, some people are sensitive to plump hip, and some people just look at the women's thigh can produce sexual excitement.In the act of gender,"Hidden and exposed" posture, often become strong visual stimuli, can accelerate the start of sex and excitement.During sex, through the choice of color and light, can make the bedroom was full of romantic colour, thereby helping to titillate.Downy light can transmit a kind of emotional appeal, but also help conceal the body defect.When the light of the candle to tiredness onto the lovers of their arms and ruddy face, the effect is quite good.Dark apply to those who self consciousness is very strong, while others prefer brighter light.