News; How to do can increases the chances of pregnancy

Published: Monday 08 June, 2015

In life, there are a lot of this situation: "husband sexual function is very good, but even if having sex once a day, didn't have a pregnant wife".In the face of such a result, people's hearts full of doubt.Why do so many times, still not pregnant.In fact, for conception, among them there are still many we need to master the knowledge.Below, is popular for everyone to do to improve the chances of conception.1. The opportunity to seize the ovulation once a month.The ideal way is 3 ~ 5 days before ovulation stop sex, on the day the day before ovulation or sex, can guarantee supply a certain quantity and quality of sperm for fertilization.Don't think that the more the more intercourse pregnant chance.2. The prolonged stay of semen in the vagina.Sexual intercourse to missionary, padding on the waist and hips with a pillow, the man after ejaculation, the woman more than 30 minutes to keep this position.As long as not flowed from the vaginal opening, the effect is better.3. Promote the woman orgasm.The key is to improve the couple's sex life, relieve anxiety, cooperate with each other, enhance pleasure, improve couples sexual technique, promote the occurrence of orgasm.Sexologist says that women pregnant does not have to orgasm, but the occurrence of orgasm really can increase the chance of pregnancy, due to orgasm caused by intrauterine pressure by positive pressure to negative pressure, sperm suction.In addition, sexual excitement, uterine position rises, make the opening of the cervix and semen closer pool, is conducive to the sperm into it.Sexual excitement, vaginal secretions increase, the ph value increases, more suitable for sperm activity.
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