News; To sunshine like this is effect like viagra

Published: Monday 08 June, 2015

Longer and longer, it is men's tireless pursuit.Therefore, men willing to try different drugs and treatments.But a study at the university of Utrecht in the Netherlands found that there are "happy hormones," said the serotonin is a kind of pleasant of neurotransmitters, its content is high and low and active degree determines the sex persistent or not.Psychiatrist marcel, points out that the studies have found that premature ejaculation male serotonin in the body is not active, less secretion.But if these men are light stimulation, can increase the secretion of serotonin.McGill university in Canada, "said Dr Simon, go outdoors, sunshine, can boost the brain serotonin levels.Even if it is cloudy, the human body to receive natural light, also can strengthen the role of serotonin.The sun bask in 1 hours a day, "sex" effect is best.The United States has also developed a special lamp, the light waves released can play a role similar to that of the sun.Serotonin is one of the key ingredients in tryptophan, improve the composition of consumption, can also indirectly enhance serotonin.Turkey and tryptophan levels in the banana is very high, can eat some right amount.

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