News; The fierceness of husband and wife Is the basis of sexual health

Published: Monday 01 June, 2015

Recent research shows that people's sense of smell and flavor also plays a decisive role in love.American biochemist Dr Kaplan said: "the women's sexual maturity, and add a fragrance than hair color and plump breasts can make a man always attachment to her.On the other hand, women often because of the breath of men to menstruation plays a good effect, so the girl pain often eased after marriage.Dr. Kaplan in women had a smell test.He works in a hospital waiting room of department of gynaecology the chair where several row is very common, and in some of the chairs with the odor material with men, the lady was surprised to see a doctor will all sit in the chair with a male smell.Ask the reason, they are freely said: "it is invigorating.It is from this Angle, biochemistry confirmed why men and women couples often hope that close to snuggle together.This attachment can not only deepen their affection, but demand is a human instinct and yearning.The artificial separation alone lodge, bed and bed to violate the laws of nature.Next, shake handshandle, cuddle, hug is skin contact meet several ways, the joy and pleasure, is by no means in language, sex and other way can replace, the deepening relationship role cannot be underestimated.Middle-aged couples as long as possible, therefore, should as far as possible some more skin activities and opportunities, including walking arm in arm on the street shopping, snuggling after watching the film and television, to go to bed, even if they don't intercourse is regarded by, embracing, fold and sleep, to satisfy the desire of skin contact, as far as possible with this kind of psychological satisfying sleep will be more sweet.Promote skin feelings deepen, and then burst into sexual passion, affection is the basis of sex, sex is very necessary.Have feelings, overcoming obstacles is the power;Have feelings, enhance sexual ability is look forward;Have feelings, sexual health care have security.
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